Why are we different?

Our 6 founders come from long careers in established management consultancies and other professional services firms around the globe.

They had a great time but over many years experienced how their clients demanded a different way of consulting – a practical, value-based consulting approach, providing agile resources and unbundled services – allowing clients to select customised and specific expertise as needed and achieve objectives with variable or specific solutions.

Guess what? None of that was available.

So they set out to offer exactly this and started changing the game. They stopped the classic approach of chasing high profit margins and the push for endless resource utilisation targets in favour of value creation, customer collaboration and profit-sharing.

Venturekontor offers a totally new consulting business model with our clients and people at the heart of everything we do.


Value Based Pricing

Wherever possible we offer our services based on a value-based pricing model. Sounds complex but isn’t. Instead of the traditional time & material model we charge based on the value and ROI we create for our clients as a result of our engagement.

Some clients still require day rates and that’s fine with us except we link our work outcomes to tangible deliverables.

No Permanent Staff

Yes, you read that correctly. We don’t have permanent staff. There is no need to hire permanent staff because we don’t want our clients to pay for people sitting on the bench when they are not busy.

Instead we operate as a global collective of independent consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs. We build client teams when and where they are required. On-demand. Based on expertise, client/consultant fit and availability.

So how do we ensure a consistent client approach in delivery and a shared values culture? Pretty simple. Unlike traditional consulting businesses we only work with people we have worked with before and every new member of our network requires a referral from an existing member.

Business works best when you work with friends. People who value each other.

Fun and Kind People

Kind people are the best kind of people.

We enjoy good fun and a positive attitude. Thanks to our member referal and sponsor approach we ensure that we work with likeminded people accross the globe.

Experts Who Are Doers

The majority of the people we work with have more than 15 years of subject matter experience.

Venturekontor members come from various private and public sector backgrounds including business leaders, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs and the foremost subject matter specialists.

Purpose and Giving

When we started Venturekontor the founders agreed to spend 15% of their total available hours per year helping not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and start-ups with mentoring support and other business related advice.

Most of our members exceed this target and many are involved in volountary work with numerous organisations. If you are a start-up or work in a not-for-profit organisation and are interested in getting help please reach out to us.

Innovation Ecosystem

The very nature of our work focuses on performance improvement and the transformation of businesses.

People, Technology and Innovation are core drivers of our work and to ensure our clients maintain their innovation advantage once we leave the organisation we connect our clients to our exisiting innovation ecosystem.