People Do Business With People They Like.

Unlike traditional professional services firms Venturekontor operates as a global collective of independent advisors, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs. We are all driven by value-based thinking and customer centricity.

Our diverse network gives our clients access to a large ecosystem of experts, innovators, and solution providers.

Find out more about our people below.

People do business with people.

The majority of the people we work with have more than 15 years of experience and come from various private and public sector backgrounds.

Many have impressive leadership and management careers but what’s more important is that we all come with a passion for helping our clients.

Culture eats strategy.

That’s why we only work with people that fit the VK family.
Pretty simple, and to ensure our culture is consistent accross the globe new joiners need to be nominated by existing members.

Shared values and the desire to make a positive impact are at the very core of our organisation. Kind people are the best kind of people.

In service of a larger purpose.

We are a holacracy-powered organisation with a focus on purpose and value creation at every level of scale.
Decision making is distributed throughout our organisation.

This helps us reduce inefficiencies and we can respond quickly to a shifting environment and maintain agility as we grow.

Be genuine.
Be remarkable.

We walk the talk.
We provide help.
We are honest.
We listen and ask stupid questions
We don’t hide mistakes.
We don’t assume.
We communicate clearly.
We create value.
We do the right things.

We are different.

Very different.


We have over 200 professional service offerings and solutions in our global network. We are growing at a healthy rate. There is no rush. We are very proud of our network and looking forward to expanding into other parts of the globe.

If you are interested in joining us as a service provider, consultant, entrepreneur or coach please reach out to any of our global hub leaders. We are a closed network and only accept new members based on personal recommendations of existing members.

Global Hub Contacts